The spark was ignited in a small, dark bar on Nashville’s Music Row.

Ryan was just enjoying a beer and some conversation with the bartender, which led to a slightly out of tune guitar being pulled off the wall and handed over to Ryan. That started an impromptu writers round, the guitar being passed around the circle. Ryan played Big City Small Town.

Later that afternoon, the echoes of Ryan’s song still ringing through his head, one of the musicians asked Ryan to play it for the crowd.

Ryan conquered his nerves, stepped in front of 40 or so people and began to play.

Since that day, Ryan has continued writing songs, performing them in barrooms, music clubs, breweries and festivals. He has recorded and released music onto all streaming platforms.  At his live shows, Ryan delivers meaningful lyrics and driving acoustic guitar with his heart on his sleeve. 

His music and writing have reminded listeners of songwriters like Chris Knight, Steve Earle and Ray Lamontagne, combining poetic phrasing with stark realism that holds a listener in the moment.

Based in London, Ont., Ryan is ever in pursuit of the perfect song, that musical story that takes a listener on an emotional journey. His fans listen with intention, as he delivers songs that touch on topics that make for meaningful conversation.

Ryan travels and tours Ontario and beyond, either solo or with his band, bringing energy and honesty to every stage.

Press Photos

Pocket Full of Stones

Ryan Naismith

A song about accumulating the weight of the baggage of life. Meeting someone who helps you carry your weight, and helping them carry theirs. This is the first track recorded for a planned album to be released in the future. Recorded at the Woodshed Studio in Toronto, Ontario. Produced and engineered by Tim Vesely.

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